Custom PC: 7 Reasons to Buy

Custom PC: 7 Reasons to Buy

So, you need to buy a new computer or custom PC. Maybe the dinosaur you had has seen better days or you’d finally like to get those upgrades you’ve been holding out on. Your next move: Buy the best deal you can get from your neighborhood big-box retailer, right?
Custom PC

Wrong! Why navigate the aisles, long lines and lame sales guys if you don’t have to. Your other option is working with a skilled technician (like me!) who can build you a computer with quality components and designed for how you will actually be using your computer.

Whether you work with Blue Diamond PC or not, here’s why a custom-built computer is the best option.

1. Personalization. Your custom PC can be built to support your computing needs. Are you a gamer and need a multi-video card set up (SLI)? Are you a graphic designer and need a higher quality processor and multi-core/multi-thread capability? There are really no limits the possibilities for your unique system.

2. Solid-State Hard Drives (SSD). Most store-bought computers come standard with hard disk drives, which offer little protection for the wear and tear we put on our devices. (I wrote about this topic recently). Instead, all Blue Diamond PC custom-built computers use solid-state hard drives that offer a much faster start-up time, faster time to access data and resistance to shock and vibration.

3. Software You’ll Actually Need. The PC you buy from retail electronics stores come with only the operating system installed. There may be trial-versions of software already loaded (called bloatware), but most of it is just wasted space. You’ll have to buy and install the Microsoft Office Suite for example on your own or have someone else install it. Other software to consider includes accounting, communication and design programs. Again, a custom-PC is built with your specific needs in mind will include the software you need already loaded.

4. Data Transfer. Included in the price of a custom built computer is data transfer from your old computer, including documents, photos, music, and videos. I can also install your favorite web browser.

5. Longer Lasting Computer. If you buy a computer for a specific need – software for example, you might buy the minimum hardware for that software. Yet, the new software that comes out within the next year or two may have more requirements and not work on that particular PC. So, it’s beneficial to buy a custom pc that will last several years – a computer that has more than the minimum required components.

6. Support a Local Business. Does Best Buy or Wal-Mart really need more of your money? Joking aside – when you support a local small business you support the local economy and skilled professionals. Further, you can actually work with the person who assembled your computer with full services and on-call questions. In fact, many of the sales people who work at these retail chains are poorly equipped and unknowledgeable about the PCs they are selling.

7. Quality Components. Manufacturers like HP and Dell put together standard parts and sell “pre-made” computers. Although fast enough for typical use and competitively priced, these systems use second-rate hardware with limited upgradability. Instead, I constantly keep up-to-date reviewing quality parts to find the best parts to assemble the highest grade custom PC.

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