Graphic Design

Blue Diamond PC offers graphic design services for both online and print content including logos, advertisements, magazine/newsletter layout, website layout, marketing materials, business cards, flyers and signage. With an eye for creative design and an understanding of your unique brand, we take advantage of the most current design software including the Adobe Creative Suite.

More and more today’s consumers are drawn to pictures and videos. Therefore, it’s increasingly important to tell your story in a visual way. We can help your company stand out to catch the attention of your target audience in a professional way through visual content, while expressing your message and story in the design.

What is our method for design? The biggest element for any project is to understand and incorporate your ideas as a starting point. Break down the barriers of what’s possible or has been done before. Think outside the box. When there is flexibility with design and free reign of creativity, we can arrange content in a clean but fun way. Use of color is also important in relation to the content and audience as well as the designation of the graphic.

With our range of graphic design experience, we understand the unique nuances of every type of visual project. For example, graphic design that will be printed will be much higher resolution, showing greater detail on the design so every little detail matters. On the other hand, graphics for a website require a much smaller resolution and the content has to display well on the computer screen and mobile devices. Printed sign designs have even smaller resolution and inches will be printed as feet usually.