Why Cloud Storage Is a Must Have

cloud-storageWhy Cloud Storage Is a Must Have

Cloud storage is ideal for companies that want an easy and reliable data backup solution, have employees or contractors that work offsite from the main office, or would like to reduce costs by paying for only the data storage they need. Most cloud solutions enable you to access the most recent copy of all your files from any device without the hassle of emailing them to yourself or sticking them on a USB drive and carrying it around with you. Cloud also provides a secure, off-site backup of your important data.

Here are a few examples of cloud storage solutions that many small businesses are taking advantage of for document storage and backup:

  • DropBox. This free cloud storage service acts like any other folder on your desktop and lets you easily sync documents, photos and videos between computers, share them with others, and create backups. It integrates easily with Windows and other platforms. It’s definitely a must have for anyone who needs to make their files readily available to multiple users or computers.
  • Office 365. Want secure, anywhere access to email and calendars, Office Web Apps, web conferencing and file sharing? Office 365 cloud storage is perfect for your small businesses because it is an affordable subscription service that is easy to use and that works with your existing hardware. Because Office 365 is a subscription service, you pay only for the number of users you have each month and not for software and licenses you may not be using.
  • Microsoft SkyDrive. If your company has deployed the new Windows 8 recently, you may be already enjoying the benefits of a SkyDrive cloud storage. Windows 8 offers a built-in SkyDrive app. With it, you can view and browse the files you’ve saved to SkyDrive.com. You can also install the free SkyDrive desktop app and automatically sync your files across your computers.
  • Google Drive. As Google’s version of DropBox, Google Drive cloud storage also allows you to click and drag files to a folder located on your desktop and store them online. The service features 15GB free online storage and the ability to buy more storage such as 100GB for $4.99 per month. However, if you’re looking for a new service to sync and store files across multiple devices and the cloud notes a PC World review, SkyDrive would be the better option. You’ll also have an easier time managing online documents and you get free remote access to your home PC while you’re on the go.
  • Mozy. This online backup system allows you to manage multi-user environments, schedule automatic backups, and monitor the health of your backups from the convenience of a single web-based admin console.
  • SugarSync. A longtime PCMag.com Editors’ Choice for file synchronization, SugarSync allows you to synchronize your files as you work on them on which ever computers and mobile devices you choose. A Web account serves as a backup method for getting at your files when you’re using a shared or borrowed device, like a computer at an Internet café.

File synchronization and data backup through the cloud is mandatory these days for every business and even personal computer users. You’re probably not even aware of how much data your company consumes and how easily these files could be lost or corrupted without the proper backup system in place.

Blue Diamond PC offers personalized consultation to help you select the best cloud solution for your needs. We can then work onsite or offsite with you install these services in your computing environment and train you and your staff on how to use them.

For more information, visit our cloud services page or contact Clay at clay@bdiamondpc.com.

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